9th September 2018


Pharmako Biotechnology wins CMA Annual Awards Quality Raw Material Supplier of the Year!


This award recognises the Australian complementary medicines industry’s quality raw material supplier of the year, who supply supported products and are highly respected by industry partners.


The Quality Raw Material Supplier of the Year Award, was selected on the following criteria:

Supplying quality raw materials and support product with quality information and/or research.

Held in high esteem by industry partners.

Excellence in customer service.

Contribution to the complementary medicines industry above their business requirements.

Introduction of innovative new raw materials.


About Pharmako Biotechnologies.

Pharmako Biotechnologies specialises in Lipid Based Drug Delivery Systems, essentially enhancing the body’s absorption of fat soluble nutrients for the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, functional food and cosmeceutical industries. Pharmako was founded in 2015 by former senior TGA manager Mr George Kokkinis and former senior Swisse Wellness executive Mr Eric Meppem.




Dr Vaskor Bala, Eric Meppem and George Kokkinis accepting the CMA Award for Quality Raw Material Supplier.



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