Who we are

Pharmako Biotechnologies is a science based Australian company specialising in innovation and clever product development.

 We manufacture in-house to offer premium, science backed and clinically proven ingredients with ingeniously advanced delivery systems for the nutraceutical, functional food and cosmeceutical industries.

Taking absorption and bioavailability to

multiple global markets

Pharmako Biotechnologies is a science based,  ingredient manufacturing company based in Sydney,  Australia.  Specialising in developing technologically advanced delivery systems/platforms that significantly increase the bioavailability and functionality of various active ingredients.

Through  innovation, creative formats, dramatically increasing bioavialability and the use of premium ingredients and excipients for the nutraceutical, functional food and cosmeceutical industries, we offer new levels of bioavailability .  

Pharmako focuses on developing clinically proven ingredients, combined with technologically advanced delivery systems.

In 2018 the CMA awarded Pharmako Biotechnologies with the Quality Raw Material Supplier of the Year. 


Our commitment to research and development and our global natural ingredients supply partnerships provide significant competitive advantages in the global marketplace.

The synergies created by our partnerships are directly applicable to the products we develop. Pharmako has an extensive global reach in multiple markets from Australia and New Zealand,                                                   Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain, the United Kingdom, Slovenia and Hungary, to India, Korea,  South Africa and the United States.


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