For enhanced bioavailability.



Pharmako’s AquaCelle® is a customisable, self micro-emulsifying delivery system (SMEDS), specifically designed and clinically proven to optimise the bioavailability of lipophilic active ingredients whilst maintaining product stability.  Clinically tested to improve bioavailability by up to 600%.




Micelles are structures formed naturally in the human GI tract to improve

the absorption of lipids and lipophilic substances. The body does this

through bilial excretions, such as lipase. Their formation is necessary for the proper absorption of fats and fat soluble nutrients in our diet. Micelles are formed using a combination of compounds with fat soluble (hydrophobic) and water soluble (hydrophilic) properties.


AquaCelle® optimises micelle formation for increased bioavailability.

AquaCelle® is a self micro-emulsifying delivery system (SMEDS), specifically designed to increase the bioavailability of lipophilic active ingredients.

It optimises formulations for micelle formation (bioactivity) and product stability. These optimised micelle formations are verified by laser light obscuration analysis and Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS).


Scientifically validated

AquaCelle®’s technology and superior bioavailability is confirmed through laser light obscuration analysis and DLS (including particle size and volume). Pharmacokinetic studies ensure that active nutrients are delivered to the systemic circulation.


Supported by ongoing clinical research.

Pharmako conducts regular pharmacokinetic studies to prove enhanced bioavailability of AquaCelle®. Confirmed superior bioavailability is also supported by a calendar of ongoing pharmacokinetic and longer term studies to show clinical significance.


Australian made.

AquaCelle® is made in Australia from pharmacopoeial grade ingredients, under cGMP standards.




AquaCelle® formulations can be customised:

  to optimise diverse active ingredient(s) bioavailability.

  for customer requirements.

  for regulatory frameworks.

  for dosage format(s).


AquaCelle®’s technology and superior bioavailability is scientifically validated through:

  laser light obscuration analysis.

  human pharmacokinetic trials.


Pharmako have developed AquaCelle® formulations for use in multiple product sectors and applications including:






  dietary supplements,

  food and beverage.


AquaCelle® is approved and customised for active Ingredients such as:



  vitamins A, D, E & K,



  and flavonoids.


Shelf life.

24 months when stored at 25°C.


Exclusive use.

AquaCelle® is a patented technology and a registered trade mark owned exclusively by Pharmako Biotechnologies Pty. Ltd.




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