Advanced dispersion technology.



Pharmako’s LipiSperse® is an advanced cold water dispersion technology which allows lipophilic active ingredients with otherwise relatively low bioavailability and poor solubility in water, to be easily dispersed in cold water, thereby increasing their bioavailability and uptake in the body.


Standard lipophilic absorbtion.

Lipophilic active ingredients provide challenges from a formulation and bioavailability perspective. Often improving bioavailability leads to decreased active load in final formulations.


The LipiSperse® solution.

LipiSperse® created cold water dispersible (CWD) powders are specifically designed to increase the bioavailability and functionality of lipophilic actives. In aqueous environments (such as the stomach), the Lipisperse® enhanced active particles freely disperse, further enhancing the body’s natural digestive process.


Scientifically validated.

Recent pharmacokinetic studies have shown a significant increase in bioavailability of various lipophilic actives.


Australian made.

LipiSperse® is made in Australia from pharmacopoeial grade ingredients, under cGMP standards.


LipiSperse® in action:

Timelapse photography over 60 seconds of Quercetin CWD 90 in water.


LipiSperse® technology.


Repulsive forces between the particles prevent agglomeration or aggregation thereby allowing CWD Powders to have proper particle dispersion.




Advantages of utilising LipiSperse® in your product’s formulation:

higher active loads.

improved functionality.

enhanced absorption.


LipiSperse® formulations can be customised:

to optimise diverse active  ingredient(s) bioavailability.

for customer requirements.

for regulatory frameworks.

for dosage format(s).


LipiSperse®’s enhanced bioavailability is scientifically validated through:

pharmacokinetic studies.

clinical trials.


Pharmako can develop LipiSperse® formulations for use in multiple product sectors and applications including:






dietary supplements,

food and beverage.


LipiSperse® is approved and customised for active Ingredients such as:






Exclusive use.

LipiSperse® is a patent-pending technology and a registered trade mark owned exclusively by Pharmako Biotechnologies Pty Ltd.




1) Typical powder = poor dispersion:

The small effective specific surface area of standard powders or crystals result in reduced bioavailability and functionality. You can see the individual particles and “clumps” or “fish-eyes” stuck together by various  forces. These particles may appear as aggregates (an assemblage of particles rigidly joined together), or as agglomerates (assemblage of particles which are loosely coherent).


2) LipiSperse® enhanced powder = optimum dispersion:

With LipiSperse® optimised dispersion the effective specific surface area is increased thereby enhancing absorption and functionality.


Scientific studies.



A parallel, double-blind, bioavailability study to measure uptake of PEA over a 24-hour period. D. Briskey, A. Mallard, A. Rao.

The study was conducted with 28 healthy male and female volunteers. Participants were randomised into 2 groups consuming a single 300mg dose of a PEA formulation (with or without LipiSperse®). Blood samples were taken at baseline and 30, 45, 60, 70, 90, 120, 180, 240 minutes post ingestion. The primary outcome measure of the trial was the change in plasma uptake of PEA over a 6 hour period with the resulting area under curve (AUC), concentration max (Cmax) and maximum change from baseline (Delta Cmax) calculated.

C-Max determiination of curcuminoids: standard curcumin v AquaCelle® curcumin. RDC Global. 2016.

A randomised, non-blinded study design was used.Two groups (n1=2, n2=2) of clinically healthy males and females (2 males, 2 females), between the ages of 30 to 50 years, participated in the study. Product A – AquaCelle® Curcumin with 200 mg curcumin extract with 95% curcuminoids per capsule. 2 capsules were consumed. Product B – Control with 200 mg curcumin extract with 95% curcuminoids per capsule. 2 capsules were consumed.After supplementation with the curcumin, only the AquaCelle® group experienced any increase in plasma levels. The increase was steady and continued for 3 hours. The plasma concentration of AquaCelle® Curcumin remained well above Product B over the duration of the study. The bioavailability of AquaCelle® Curcumin to Product B (∆ in AUC(0-24h),) is yet to be determined but it appears to be quite significant.



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