Pharmako Biotechnologies Pty Ltd specialise in delivering lipophilic (oil soluble) nutrients and medicines.


A major challenge in modern medicine is improving the bioavailability of poorly water-soluble materials. This challenge is applicable to both pharmaceutical medicines and complementary medicines (bioactives or nutrients).


Pharmako Biotechnologies have three distinct technologies: AquaCelle®, Cold Water Dispersible Powders (CWDs) utilizing LipiSperse® and Compressible Powdered Oils (CPOs). These technologies can be used to deliver ingredients in a variety of different dosage formats. Contact us to assist with your latest product development.





SMEDS, or Self-Microemulsifying Delivery Systems, is a category of medicines that achieve a microemulsion (in solution) through physical chemistry, as opposed to mechanical means.


AquaCelle® is a lipid-based formulation that self-assembles on contact with an aqueous phase into a micellar colloidal delivery system with a mean particle diameters measurable in the micron range (not in the nanometer range). AquaCelle® formulations can be customised for a large variety of ingredients.





LipiSperse® CWD powders


Pharmako’s unique, patented dispersion technology for lipophilic particles was developed in Sydney in 2017.

LipiSperse® is an advanced cold water dispersion technology which allows lipophilic active ingredients with otherwise relatively low bioavailability and poor solubility in water, to be easily dispersed in cold water, thereby increasing their bioavailability and uptake in the body.


Advantages of utilising LipiSperse® in your product’s formulation are:

• higher active loads • improved functionality • enhanced absorption.





Pharmako’s Compressible Powdered Oils (CPOs)


Pharmako’s Compressible Powdered Oils (CPOs) are an innovative material development which allows oily active ingredients to be included in tablet and powder formulations without leaching oil.

Our CPO formulations can be customised for a variety of products.



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