Research and Development

We focus on advanced delivery systems for nutraceutical ingredients that bring proven results.

Research and Development

Most dietary supplement ingredients are poorly absorbed by the human body.

This in turn requires higher doses to be given in order to have the desired therapeutic effect.

Pharmako has been studying how certain delivery technologies can impact on the absorption of these ingredients.

             Through our research and development we have distinct and innovative technologies which improve the bioavailability and functionality of these poorly absorbed ingredients. Our major technologies are patented. Pharmako Biotechnologies invests heavily in ongoing research to improve formulations/ingredients for our customers and consumers.

We are committed to scientific trials to validate our innovative formulations through collaborations with respected universities, both here in Australia, and internationally.                             

We have an ongoing calendar of human pharmacokinetic and clinical studies.

With key partners, we bring innovative formulations to market, with proven results, in an expeditious manner.

       In our short history, we have:

  •  Lodged 3 patent applications for various technologies
  •  Completed 12 human pharmacokinetic and clinical trials
  •  Commercialised 3 distinct technologies in world markets
  •  3  published  papersin international scientific journals

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